A Morning Prayer

By Julie Bonde

I hear your voice
reassuring me,
calling me,
and challenging me.
it sings to me, whispers to me,
draws me out of myself
to the world, the universe
I feel more open and free
I am free now to live fully
your love surrounds my soul
and fills my heart
I no longer hunger
soon I am bursting to overflowing

I remember all the blessings
the people that have been there to share my life,
to love me, to listen to me and hold me
I remember each smile, each touch,
each word and thought, each prayer
I remember the music
the songs passed to me from others hearts
these, all these, fill my heart with joy.

I feel the energy of nature
the sun, the rain,
the soil beneath my feet
the smell of the smoke from the chimneys
the taste of sweet fruit
the sound of water falling or the waves crashing
these, all these, surround my soul
and fill my body with God’s life-giving energy
I can go out now from this place
free to love fully and with energy
to face each challenge I shall meet today

I will choose activities,
which will pass on the love
that You, O Holy One, have given me
I will choose to say this day the loving thing
and to listen with the loving ear.
today I will nurture as I have been nurtured
this too will give me energy
as I experience the joy of giving and choosing well.
now I take a deep breath
and arise to start this day
from this moment
with God’s help,
and God’s grace.

© Julie A. Bonde 2000, 2015

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