Our Core Values


Christos is a contemplative ministry. We practice many contemplative traditions such as silence, pilgrimage, and prayer. More than the actions themselves, our motivation is in the desire to be open to God’s spirit at the core of who we are. By taking time to be quiet and reflective, we can listen for God’s voice and transform our inner lives.


Christos is an ecumenical ministry, serving people of all denominations through spiritual direction, extended spiritual formation programs, workshops, retreats, and pilgrimages. With locations in the Twin Cities and Chicago, Christos is a place for people to enter the quiet and ponder the deeper questions of life through prayer and reflection.


Christos is a Christian ministry. With insight from Trinitarian understanding, Incarnational grace, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, we seek to fully participate in God’s ongoing love for the world. We read of God’s encounter with humans in the Scriptures and find those inspired stories inspired by the same Spirit today. Our foundations are in Christian history, influenced by the mystics, and rooted in the person of Jesus.


Christos is an experiential ministry. We experience God love moving in our lives, especially through contemplative prayer.  Having received God’s love this way, we invite others to experience it too. This invitation includes using our minds to understand, our feelings to engage, and our actions to live out the changes brought by the experience.


Christos is a communal ministry. We are a group of individuals who have experienced the felt presence of God and gather together to share with one another and pray. Whether it is a gathering of two, or twenty, twice a month, or once a year, there is a deep connection. Our desire is to find ways to let that connection flourish and be changed because of God’s movement in it.