Call to Prayer – March 31, 2017

Opening Prayer

O God, only say the word and we shall be healed. Open our hearts and minds to the movement of your Spirit. Amen


Praying with Ezekiel 37:1-14

Dried. Hopeless. Done.
Bleached bones rattle in the breeze.
What was, what is, what will be;
All is dried, hopeless, and done.

A word. A wind. A command.
Moisture and substance return.
What if? Why not? Could it be?
The breath of life stirs anew.

Splintered or squishy,
What shall it be?
Only yes. Yes to You.
Giver of life, it is yes to You.




May you feel the wind of the Spirit in the places you go and people you meet. May you join with Christ in sharing renewal with the world today.

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