Thank you for considering a donation to Christos.

Each year Christos heeds the call to cultivate the inner life in the midst of a busy world.  As people from all walks of life, we notice God’s movement in the practice of contemplative traditions and in turn become God’s love in the world. Responding to the movement of the Spirit for the praise and glory of God is another good phrase that illuminates our source and purpose. Any donation you make will go towards our fullest response to this call.

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Christos Center
1212 Holly Drive
Lino Lakes MN

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Your support helps Christos to…

Build community by providing regular gatherings for dialogue, prayer, and transformation with alumni, friends and others seeking spiritual growth.

Develop and sustain programs to further our mission by enriching the scope and size of  long-term formation activities.

Increase scholarships to allow more to attend events by reducing or eliminating participant cost as needed.

Create an endowment to reflect God’s generosity through long-term financial stability for the ministry of Christos