TTH Fargo

Program Details

  • One-day orientation in September.
  • Classes meet two Thursdays per month, 7pm-9:30pm from September – May.
  • A silent retreat weekend (Fri-Sun) is held each year.
  • Presentations are offered live and online. Course requires computer access.
  • Participants are to meet regularly with a spiritual director prior to and during the program.
  • Program includes required readings, written reflections, practicums in receiving and giving spiritual direction, and peer supervision with a trained director.
  • Tuition: $2,475 per year payable in monthly installments. Additional costs include $100 registration fee, books, spiritual direction, and two weekend retreats.


Staff and Faculty

Ellen Zaeske, Lead Coordinator

Program  presenters include the following authors and many other experienced guest speakers.

  • Jeannette Bakke, Ph.D., Holy Invitations
  • Janet Hagberg, M.A., The Critical Journey, Who Are You, God?
  • Pat Hendricks, BS ED, Hungry Souls, Holy Companions
  • Brad Holt, Ph.D., Thirsty for God
  • Joann Nesser, D.Min and Christos Founder, Contemplative Prayer: Praying When the Well Runs Dry, Journey Into Reality, Journey from Self to God.
  • Many other experienced guest speakers.


For more information

Contact Ellen Zaeske

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