Sometimes I Want the World to Stop

By Julie Bonde

Some days I just want the world to stop,

I want to get off the train,

Today is one of those days,

I want it to stop so I can celebrate the beauty of the world.

I want to laugh, meditate, write, sing.

It is the miracles, the light, the sun, and the angels

That make me want to get off.

Stop the busy-ness, stop the rush,

Go slower, breath slower,

No anxious skips of my heart,

Just a simple plodding along

And stopping whenever I want

To smell the roses.


The world is too beautiful,

Too much color, too much texture,

Too much music, thousands of tunes, different beats,

Languages by the hundreds,

Animals and plants too many to count,

Cultures, religions, and ideas,

Families, friends, connections,

Billions of people,

Trillions of stars, planets, space,

The universe is too bountiful,.

To want to rush by and miss it all.

3 Comments on “Sometimes I Want the World to Stop

  1. This is lovely. The line-breaks, included; they enhance the deliciousness. But it is the sound that fills the heart of the poet with sonic-sense-and-substance that makes this poem not miss. So cogent, as the sonic logic becomes the braided rope that lets a long silver chord down from a too-suspended cloud…of (can we assume from “constructs” and high-mindedness that cannot find its feet?).

    I cellebrate the internal litany in the poem’s own interior–litanies are intestinal and necessary–and this litany is particularly nice and precise in the skillful, or lucky, wonder in the levels of selection of what items will line the list…so we get to touch our way down to earth along a rope let down onto the grass. A gift.

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