What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is the help we receive to discover and be open to God’s presence in our lives.  It is about savoring the awareness of that presence and letting it develop into relationship. It is about allowing that relationship to become transformational.

The “help” spiritual direction provides comes in many forms. It could be the boldness and clarity of an experience that convinces us God is near. It could be the practice of prayerful reflection where we slowly find confidence in God’s presence. It could be the word of a friend, or a phrase from sacred writings that sticks with us and takes on the qualities of communication from God.

One distinct form of spiritual direction is to intentionally get together with another person and talk about what is happening in our relationship with God. This is particularly helpful when that person knows how to listen well and has the experience to identify God’s movement in our stories. When we participate in a prayerful dialogue with this kind of person, we become more aware of the significance of God’s interactions with us. As we become more aware of God’s movement in our lives, our trust grows and our relationship with God becomes the basis for how we live our lives.

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