About the Program

“Spiritual directors are called and gifted by the Spirit to walk alongside others in their intention to hear and follow God.” — from Holy Invitations by Jeannette Bakke

People are searching for meaning and purpose in life. It often begins with questions: Where do I go from here? How do I be a part of something significant? What is happening to my prayer life? These holy questions mark the beginning of a deeper spiritual journey and call for careful tending and discernment.

People with spiritual maturity and experience can guide others on this search. By holding another’s story gently and prayerfully, such a companion encourages them to listen for what God might be saying through life’s everyday experiences. This is what spiritual direction is all about, and what the Tending the Holy Program prepares people for. Christos Center has been preparing women and men for the ministry of spiritual direction since 1990. Many graduates now offer spiritual direction, lead retreats, seminars and workshops. Experience from this program also prepares people from all walks of life to be a contemplative presence in everyday relationships and in the workplace.

The Heart of the Program

Tending the Holy rests on this premise—we receive the gift to be present and listen to another’s story in a healthy way through our own prayerful practices and contemplative experiences of God. Each unit below is designed to encourage those experiences. The program’s peer groups foster honest and deep sharing of the insights and affects of the formation process.

Year 1

Foundations of the Spiritual Direction Relationship
Contemplative Prayer
Movements/Dynamics of the Spiritual Direction Relationship

 Year 2

Theology in Spiritual Direction: Introduction to Peer Supervision
The Heart of Discernment
Human and Spiritual Development

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