Celebrating 40 Years

In this 10-minute video, Joann Nesser explains her passion for contemplative spirituality and the events that led to the founding of Christos Center 40 years ago. God has brought so many of us together to form the “Christos community.” You are invited to share your experience of  Christos and Tending the Holy here. How has Christos and Tending the Holy impacted your life and/or the life of those around you?

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  • Linda R

    I came to Christos new to the concept of spiritual direction. Through the Tending the Holy program, my heart was stirred in fresh ways and the two years of teaching, prayer and reflection shaped my life in significant ways. As I got to know Joann Nesser and was introduced to the writings of Teresa of Avila, I was inspired to go more deeply into the love of Jesus. My soul was awakened to listen for God’s voice as I listened to others. What a wonderful gift! Thank you, Christos.

  • Ellen Zaeske

    More than 15 years ago I had the chance to meet and experience Joann Nesser at a Spirituality Day event that our church was hosting (Fargo, ND). The Lectio Divina experience that she led was profound for me and it made me want to follow Joann Nesser and her contemplative ways to the Christos Tending the Holy Program. That program deepened my spiritual life and satisfied my soul’s spiritual thirst.

    Years later as a Spiritual Director, that has been practicing out in the field, I have come back to the current program now as ChristoFargo’s Program Coordinator. This has brought me back again to drink from Christos’ spiritual well. I find that the program has evolved since I graduated in 2005 as a Distance Learner. I continue to be blessed and enriched by the TTH Program!

    Praise be to God!

  • LaDonna O.

    Tending the Holy has been a reorienting of my life. Being a spiritual director is not about doing but about being – being a contemplative, being in relationship with God in a deep experiential way, being a listener and a person who wants to share that experience with others.

  • Donna

    I learned through experience that God desires me and is always present. I had head knowledge of that, but my experience was different. Before Christos, God seemed rather distant, someone that I tried to please. Through the readings, prayer experiences, silence and teaching, I was exposed to a new way of relating to God. My faith became alive, and I discovered that God is in relationship with me already. It is not something that I have to make happen. I continue to expand in my experience thanks to Christos.

  • Debbi D

    Attending the TTH program was like coming home for me. I finally felt like I could exhale. I learned to breathe. I learned to slow down, and learned that slowing down was a place of Life for me. I am able to truly pursue my calling, to listen with others in order to hear the Spirit’s voice. I have also met so many other lovely people who challenge me to grow and mature in all sorts of ways.

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