Call to Prayer – April 21, 2017

 In Weekly Call to Prayer

Opening Prayer

Jesus, bless us with your Spirit, just as you did with your friends. Grant us your peace.


You did a marvel, Lord Jesus Christ, and make me feel beside myself in surprise. My spirit glistens with Your rising. I smile and smile with You, I am drowning in the laughter of Your friends. You have won, Lord, we know You have won! You have defeated all the worst that we could do, each alone and all together. You crushed the power of darkness and of death to walk peacefully again in our flesh, now and forever. Come to me, great Lord of Life, as You come to all Your friends. Send me to console those around me who hurt. Come, and send Your friends into this daily world to labor full of hope for the Reign of God.

–Joseph Tetlow, Choosing Christ in the World



May we know the breath of Christ on us and live in peace filled with forgiveness.

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