Call to Prayer – June 2, 2017

 In Weekly Call to Prayer

Opening Prayer

O Jesus, draw us into your friendship, a friendship marked with trust. Amen.


Listening to the silence, then, is a loving abandonment of ourselves to God; allowing God to be God on God’s terms; giving God free reign in our being; permitting God to do in, through, and with us whatever God desires rather than a proactive action on our part to achieve something.

Listening to the silence, then, is the essence of the life “hidden with Christ in God” (Col. 3:3), not a discrete action performed from time to time. We learn to live a life by listening to the silence, and out of that centeredness in God the Word becomes flesh in them.

–Robert Mulholland in Rhythm and Fire



Having been found with Christ, may we enthusiastically participate in God’s great movement today and in the days to come. Amen.


 Image courtesy of Andrea Massimiani | - Three candles
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