Ignatian Retreat:
Finding God In All Things

Small Group Online Program
Starts September 2022!

God’s footprints are everywhere — but can you find them? And do you know how to use them to pay attention to where God is acting in your life?

That’s the essence of Ignatian Retreat, a series of meditations on the Gospels created by St. Ignatius of Loyola.  The Ignatian Retreat meditations help us clarify and deepen our commitments to Jesus.

Program Description
The Ignatian Retreat offered by Christos includes meditating on scripture, daily assignments and a weekly processing with a Spiritual Director and a small group. Spiritual direction is part of the process. One hallmark of Ignatian Retreat is a set of Spiritual Exercises, which have been used for discernment and as a tool for making vocational, spiritual or any decision.  In the Christos Ignatian Retreat program, the Spiritual Exercises have been adapted to be used over a 34-week period that generally runs from late September through mid-May.

What do the Spiritual Exercises offer?

  • Discovering who I really am
  • Directing myself toward God
  • Noticing God’s action in my life
  • Responding to the movement of my heart
  • Discovering the nature of my deepest desire
  • Seeking God’s will
  • Becoming free of all that distracts me from my deepest desire
  • Making choices in line with my truest self
  • Connecting my lived experience with the life, death and resurrection of Christ
  • Responding to God’s love for me
  • Finding God in all things

(from Inner Compass, by Margaret Silf) 


The Retreat
The inaugural Christos Ignatian Retreat is an eight-month program that begins in September 2022 via a virtual, online small group format.  Students are part of a small group of four students, plus a facilitator who will provide leadership and feedback on each student’s practice of spiritual direction and reflections on the course material.

What you’ll learn:  Ignatian Retreat is for people interested in a process that helps with discernment — decision-making for whatever you may be wrestling with and helping you reach out and deepen your relationship with God.   Ignatian Retreat uses multiple spiritual disciplines including prayer, reflection and meditating to build a contemplative practice that tunes you into God’s activity in your life. You will learn to develop in your ability to reflect on and verbalize your spiritual experience, bringing together contemplation and action.

For many people, it is an entry into a more intentional focus on their own spiritual formation, or helps enrich the spiritual journey they’ve already begun.  (Click here for Program Coordinator Ellen Zaeske’s comments about Ignatian Retreat in her own life.) 

Who would benefit from participating in Ignatian Retreat? You may be a candidate for Christos’s Ignatian Retreat if you are:

  • Serious about your spiritual life
  • Want to grow in your spiritual relationship with Christ
  • Looking at important decisions to make about your life
  • A young person who wants  to embark on life grounded in a faith tradition
  • Someone in mid-life wondering about the next step in their lives
  • Newly retired and seeking  what comes next
  • An older adult looking to understand the path their lives have taken
  • In transition in your life
  • In leadership positions
  • In Christian formation programs as part of a faith, community or volunteer organization

For Applicant Qualifications, Tuition, and Application Information:

Interested? Take the Next Step 

If you’re interested in Ignatian Retreat, the first step is to contact Ellen Zaeske, Ignatian Retreat Coordinator, by email at [email protected]

Program Coordinator Ellen Zaeske

Questions about Ignatian Retreat? Contact Ellen Zaeske at the email address above.

“I engaged in the Ignatian Retreat out of a desire to be increasingly attentive to the invitations of the Spirit, and a hope to encounter God at deeper levels … I was uncertain about doing the Spiritual Exercises in a group setting, but have found the small group experience both stimulating and encouraging.” – P.R. 

“God’s spirit moves through this old but powerful practice. I’ve been going through a big transition and the daily readings and weekly group spiritual direction have helped to steady my faith and deepen and strengthen my connection with God, myself and others.” – M.P.S. 

“Having done Ignatian Retreat during a pandemic and partial retirement gave me a group of people desiring to walk with Jesus through such change. We had amazing, inspired conversation that spurred me deeper and made me more devoted to imitating Christ in this stage of life.” – Diane, ELCA Interim Pastor, Christos Tending the Holy graduate


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