Job Openings

Executive Director

Christos is a non-profit organization (501c3) seeking an experienced Executive Director to lead our organization through our next phase of growth.

Christos has a close-knit culture that places a high priority on prayer, communication and collaboration and is seeking an Executive Director whose life is aligned with our priorities and who will continue to enhance Christos through positive, contemplative leadership.

The Executive Director is the face of Christos and will create and facilitate a collaborative environment with staff, alumni, and the community around the contemplative life with God where all those participating in Christos’ events are able to deepen their spiritual journey.

Requirements for the position of Executive Director:

  • Exhibits a deep, mature, and personal faith in Christ.
  • Trained as a spiritual director and lives out the contemplative life by engaging in spiritual practices.
  • Holds a passion for Christos’ mission/vision/values, possibly with a history and relationship to Christos.
  • Exhibits excellent listening, communication, visioning and relational skills.
  • Demonstrates computer and technology experience.
  • Has past experience demonstrating organizational and visionary leadership while maintaining an appreciation for the deep contemplative roots of Christos.
  • Demonstrates intercultural sensitivity and advocates for racial and ethnic diversity.

Provide organizational leadership in the areas of:

Program Management:

  • Will provide development and leadership support for our growing spiritual direction training program (Tending the Holy) in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, the Chicago area, Fargo, ND, as well as the Distance (online) expression. Will possess a vision to grow and develop technology for a distance learning program of increasingly high quality.
  • Will oversee consistent tracking and evaluation of the quality of programs and services to ensure they meet the needs of participants, the organization and the larger community, recommending changes as needed in a timely manner. The Executive Director will build and maintain continuity among the various programs of Christos.
  • Will demonstrate a knowledge of historical Christian contemplative practices and be committed to maintaining an awareness of current trends and cultural values in spiritual formation.
  • Will demonstrate effective use of data and technology for planning, tracking, reporting, and decision-making processes which support the mission of Christos.

Human Resource Management:

  • Will effectively recruit, manage, motivate, and train the employees of the organization.
  • Will foster and model strong interpersonal skills and communication toward a productive, engaged, and positive work environment for a team of paid staff and volunteers across all geographic locations.

Community, Staff and Public Relations:

  • Will demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Will consistently present a contemplative listening posture to stakeholders in order to sustain current relationships and build strong community ties among staff at all sites, volunteers, and people from local churches. Increase awareness of Christos and its programs or events as well as to listen for and discern how God is at work in the surrounding communities.
  • Will be responsible for cultivating and sustaining positive, collaborative relationships with staff, students (learners), volunteers, alumni and community members associated with Christos to support an environment that is welcoming, nurturing, and dedicated to the mission.

Board Relations:

  • Will serve as an ex officio (non-voting) member of the Christos’ Board of Directors partnering with the Board and its committees to create and maintain a vision for the future.
  • Will formulate, administer, and oversee the strategic plan in collaboration with the Board of Directors.
  • Will support the Board of Directors by advising and informing the Board and interfacing with the Board, staff, and volunteers regularly and in a timely manner. This communication will include organizational performance, issues and key actions.
  • Will help with recruitment of new Board members.

Financial Management:

  • Will work closely with the Director of Finance, Administrative Services, and the Board Treasurer to collaborate on the budget for all site locations.
  • Will prudently manage the organization’s resources within budget guidelines to maximize utilization of resources and meet budget expectations, ensuring an efficient organization.
  • Will ensure Christos is in compliance with all regulatory agencies, board policies, and directives as well as federal and state regulations and requirements.

Salaried Position:

  • Reports to the Board of Directors
  • 30 hours per week

Please contact [email protected] with questions and to submit your resume and/or CV.