Lenten Retreat: Take Me To Your Side – March 1 – April 5, 2023 – ONLINE

Online retreat: Knowing and loving Jesus in personal prayer

Schedule: Six Wednesday sessions (online) during Lent

Wednesdays March 1 – April 5, 2023 –  6:30 – 8 pm CT
Cost: Free
Presented with underwriting support from the estate of Dr. Grace Adolphsen Brame

Lenten Retreat: Take Me to Your Side
Knowing Jesus through Ignatian Contemplation


What was it like to be with Jesus? What did his friends see and hear? What did they notice as he touched a broken soul or surveyed a crowd with compassion? What words lingered in their hearts as they struggled to understand him … and understand themselves through his eyes?

The 2023 Christos Lenten retreat is an opportunity to see what Jesus does and hear him speaking personally to you, revealing God’s kingdom and the depth of divine love.

The retreat is not about Jesus but an experience of Jesus, who invites us into intimacy with himself. Through Ignatian Contemplation, a way of prayer deeply rooted in the Christian faith, you will learn to pray Gospel stories using your senses and imagination to enter the stories and experience his presence.

Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) found this way of prayer in the Christian tradition, then developed and expanded its use in his Spiritual Exercises. Ignatian Contemplation has revolutionized the prayer lives of millions across national, cultural, racial, linguistic and denominational borders.

In this six-session retreat, you will:

  • Learn and experience the pattern and process of Ignatian Contemplation
  • Receive weekly guidance in how to pray Gospel stories, including email handouts that can be used after the retreat
  • Learn how to notice movements of the Spirit in your prayer
  • Share prayer experiences—graces, questions, joys, challenges and discoveries—in virtual small groups with others like yourself
  • Grow in intimacy with the Love who seeks you in all times and places



Presenter: David L. Miller
David L. Miller has long loved and lived the spirituality of St. Ignatius Loyola, serving Christ’s church as a pastor, journalist, author, spiritual director and retreat leader.

He studied Christian spirituality at Catholic Theological Union, Loyola University and The Claret Center, all in Chicago. He is also a graduate of the Academy of Spiritual Formation, Nashville, TN. He was a senior and executive editor of The Lutheran Magazine before becoming the first Cornelsen Director of Spiritual Formation at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

David has written hundreds of articles and devotional material and is the author of several books including Friendship with Jesus, A Way to Pray the Gospel of Mark, an exploration of Ignatian Contemplation. He blogs at prayingthemystery.blogspot.com. David and his wife, Dixie, live in Downers Grove, IL.