Spiritual Direction Training Program

Tending the Holy

The search for purpose and meaning often arises with holy questions: Where do I go from here? How do I become part of something significant? What is happening with my spiritual or prayer life? These questions call for careful tending and discernment and mark the beginning of a deeper spiritual journey.  This foundational insight is central to our two pathways to certification.

Tending the Holy, a two-year program, cultivates your ability to serve other seekers as a spiritual director, accompanying them on their path. By holding their stories gently and prayerfully, you encourage others to listen to what the Divine might be saying, through life’s everyday experiences. This is the essence of spiritual direction.

Spiritual Formation Program

Sacred Connections an eight-month program, is designed primarily for your personal development, embracing doubts, allowing for questions, and strengthening deep and wide exploration, in the context of an authentic spiritual community of like-minded souls. It leans on the contemplative traditions that have guided many seekers, throughout millennia.