Sacred Connections

8-month program


The mystery never leaves you alone. Behind your image, below your words, above your thoughts, the silence of another world awaits. A world lives within you. No one else can bring you news of this inner world.

These are the opening words of John O’Donahue’s classic book, Anam Cara. The “mystery” the author speaks of is the connection we have with our deep self, others and the divine: the world that lies within each of us. Each part of the triad, an invitation to restoration.

Sacred Connections: Where Spirituality Meets Real Life is an 8-month program exploring how we have been and are being spiritually formed. Engaging in spiritual practices every class period, participants find comfort in those familiar, and stretched in new practices like poetry, color, or movement. We study a contemplative of old, or of today and use their experience as a partner in wonder and exploration as we investigate our own journey. In each of our stories, we look for the thread of divine presence and movement in our life that is intimately involved in our restoration.

Program Description

A place for shared wisdom …
This program will offer a place for shared wisdom. People come from all types of backgrounds, having had all sorts of experiences which creates a dynamic space for ample sharing of communal wisdom. The program and the accompanying teaching, will be an offering into that shared wisdom.

A place to listen and live with the questions …
Each unit will include “presenting questions” which will further identify what the unit explores. These presenting questions will emphasize that, in this space, we focus on questions, not answers. This is a safe place to bring doubts and inquiries before each other, and before Spirit.  We listen to the questions and what they have to tell us.

Experiential more than academic …
Instead of assigning full books to read, we offer shorter readings that people can stay with longer. Also, for some weeks homework is fully experiential.

Each evening we will…
Lean In (welcome/prayer experience), Learn together (teaching and discussion), Listen deeply (group experience) and Leave well (coming back together to review and complete the evening).

Curriculum Units

  • Opening Our Lives
  • Being Shaped
  • Becoming a Transformative Presence

Applicant Qualifications

  • Desire a deepened relationship with Love and desire to live out that relationship
  • Seek authentic spiritual community and support
  • Welcome the development or deepening of consistent spiritual practices
  • Open to learn within an Ecumenical and Inter-Faith environment
  • Long to be a transforming presence in the world

Tuition, Fee & Application Information

  • Registration fee: $25
  • Tuition for registrations received by Aug 30: $945
    Tuition for registrations received after Aug 30: $995
  • To receive an application email Andrea Tatley at
  • A small scholarship may be available for those who demonstrate strong financial need. You may request a scholarship form from the Christos office at

Sacred Connections felt like the perfect complement to going deeper into my journey as I continue to say “yes!” to God’s invitations to me.

– Becky B., Sacred Connections participant
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