Melanie Jantzen, Tending the Holy Distance Learning Graduate 2022Educator, potter

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    Melanie Jantzen lives in Victoria, British Columbia and attended the Tending the Holy program virtually throughout the pandemic. She’s a teacher on call (substitute teacher) and also a potter who likes to “play with clay” and other mediums. Find more of her creations on her Instagram account: @melaniefjantzen

    What impact has your Christos Spiritual Direction training through the Tending the Holy program had on your work, your ministry, and/or your relationship with God?

    Attending “Tending the Holy” came just at the right time in my life.  The two years of reading, digging into contemplative practices, discussion and soul searching  were the impetus behind multiple pieces of art I created as an expression of  things I had learned. My time at Christos really became about me accepting the invitations of the Spirit to live from my true self and to be open to possibilities. As I postured myself to receive,  creative ideas began to flow and  I began to express what God was doing in me through clay, fibre arts and writing. This has transformed me and has given me new eyes for the natural beauty that surrounds me and a renewed heart for the beautiful peoples’ stories I have learned to hold delicately.

    Listening (without interrupting!) and asking good questions are gifts I find myself giving to people I meet on a daily basis.  It appears the world is waiting for people to listen to their stories.  Christos became my community during the pandemic. The love and thoughtful conversation I experienced will always be cherished.

    Pottery by Melanie Jantzen. Mug: “Anchored Faith,” Bowl: “Second Nature,” both created for her Tending the Holy first unit project.