Pat Hendricks, Tending the Holy Graduate 1994Faith formation leader, author, Tending the Holy faculty

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    Pat Hendricks has a deep relationship with Christos, having served as coordinator of Tending the Holy from 1997-2013, as executive director of Christos 2003-2013, and currently serving as faculty for the Tending the Holy program. She is a 1994 graduate of the Tending the Holy Twin Cities program, and coordinates older adult faith formation at Nativity Lutheran Church in St. Anthony, Minn. Pat is also the author of Hungry Souls, Holy Companions: Mentoring a New Generation of Christians. 

    What impact has your Christos Spiritual Direction training through the Tending the Holy program had on your work, your ministry and/or your relationship with God?

    I have always been a seeker of deeper spiritual truth, and that is what brought me to Christos. There I learned about, and embraced, solitude and silence which has served me well in my spiritual journey. Through working as a Spiritual Director for many decades, I have had the privilege of listening to people’s faith stories, and many have contributed to my personal growth. As I reflect on the impact Christos has had on my spiritual walk,  it is clear that Christos has been at the core of that journey.