REINA BREKKETwin Cities Coordinator, Tending the Holy

I was introduced to spiritual direction about 10 years ago by a colleague. Up to that point, I did not know that this facet of soul care even existed. My experience of being attuned to and being given permission to explore who God is to me and who I am to him, has transformed and deepened my walk with Christ. Though I was content to receive this lovely gift of holy listening month over month, God eventually nudged me to consider training to become a director. I answered his call by attending Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta. Since that time God has graciously re-affirmed his invitation to me through my encounters with others, companioning with them and listening to their stories. I feel deeply privileged to offer the gifts of attentiveness, discernment, and hearkening to the voice of God in our midst.  I am now delighted to be back in Minnesota and available to serve in Christos’ Tending The Holy program as a Coordinator.