VICKI HOWARDSenior Director & Member

Christos has had profound impact on my own journey into contemplative spirituality. My prayer life has grown deeper, my understanding of who God is has been enriched, and many of the practices are now woven in to the fabric of my life.

Now, in the role of Senior Director, it is a joy to meet and get to know so many beautiful people—staff, Board members, students, alumni and volunteers—the community of Christos. It is truly humbling to look back and notice that during my almost 30 years in senior management for another Christian nonprofit, God was patiently equipping me with what I need for my current role—another picture of His love and grace.

And now, I have the privilege and joy of watching our students learn, experience, and then respond, as the riches of contemplative living begin to shape and form their own spiritual journey! Christos truly is a blessing in the lives of many, including mine!