Wai-Chin Matsuoka, Tending the Holy Graduate, 2003Spiritual director, presenter on The Body & Prayer

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    • Wai-Chin Matsuoka describes herself as, “Trauma-informed, somatic-approach, ethnically-sensitive Spiritual Director who midwifes what is ready to be birthed.”
    • Tending the Holy Distance Program graduate, 2003; currently resides in Lombard, Illinois USA
    • Presenter on the topic of The Body and Prayer.   [email protected]


    What impact has your Christos Spiritual Direction training through the Tending the Holy program had on your work, your ministry and/or your relationship with God?

    The Tending The Holy program provided the foundation of the contemplative tradition that grounds all my other new learnings since my years at Christos. The thirteen years after graduation, where I served as a facilitator, the Coordinator for the Chicago campus and then the Director for Alumni Development, had given me room and time to practice the grounding of that contemplative posture.  I’ve ventured to learn more in the arenas of trauma-care, embodiment and the racial equity transformation work with a clear grounded center of knowing the All-Present Spirit is 24/7 connected to me and the rest of the world and creation. Continuing peer supervision with a group of alumni from Christos has given me support, encouragement and freedom to fully develop  into the spiritual midwife that I am today.