Tending the Call

Caring for the Life of Spiritual Leaders and Directors

Tending the Call is a newly established resource to support, enrich, and encourage those called to the ministries of Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction.

These ministries are crucial in a culture that moves at a break-neck speed, not always knowing how to slow down. Spiritual Leaders and Directors are often isolated and not fully supported. Therefore, Tending the Call provides a place to gather and support those serving in these ministries through Community, Enrichment, and the Inner Life.

Join us for our quarterly events.

Tending the Call Workshop

For Spiritual Leaders and Directors
November 8, 2021
8:00 am – 12:30 pm

How do we, as Spiritual Leaders, respond to God?
We’ll take time to listen, time to deepen, and time to share with each other.

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