Tending Your Soul: Quiet Reflection Retreat Mar 20: Joel Warne

Join and be refreshed…let God nourish you in the midst of guided quiet retreats….
Each retreat will include opening and closing gathered prayer, three short talks and three 75-90 minute spaces with suggested materials for quiet personal reflection.   These retreats are for anyone who longs to be open and available to God’s presence, love and invitations.

Facilitator: Joel Warne:  Seasons of the Soul: Resurrection Rhythms in Life Today

Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies
it remains a single seed, but if it dies, it yields a rich harvest!
Jesus, John 12

Changes…transitions…release of the old to make way for God’s new thing.
In our lives we experience lots of unexpected “deaths” – of dreams, assumptions, relationships, well-intended efforts, even precious ministries. While painful, the passing away of the old holds the seeds of abundant new life.
The Seasons of the Soul retreat explores the pattern of six “seasons” in Jesus’ life that correspond with seasons of our soul. They are doorways to joyfully embracing the many transitions of life that invite a new and fruitful future. We’ll listen together for God in our seeds of change, and the invitation to new power and meaning in next things.

WHEN:  March 20  8:30am Gathering,  9-3 Retreat

COST:  $35



For more than 35 years Joel has led retreats, workshops and groups around the theme of ordinary people moving toward a more intimate daily experience of God.  As a spiritual director and co-founder of WellSpring Life Resources, Joel has written and published spiritual formation curricula used across the country.  Joel is a graduate of Bethel Theological Seminary in St Paul, MN.  He is a faculty member for “Tending the Holy.”  Joel’s special love for Christian ministry leaders is expressed through retreats that both comfort and challenge leaders in their call.