The Wisdom Way of Jesus

Have you ever really looked at the weather map when the local news is on the TV?  It’s as though the weather does not exist in Iowa or Wisconsin, and exists only in Minnesota.   In a sense we make a similar limiting assumption when we think of Christianity..  It is presumed that the Christian experience is similar to that of our western way of thinking and being.   However, when we picture in our minds eye the map of Christianity, we are only seeing from Jerusalem and westward, with Rome being of paramount significance.  Another, older form of Christian experience moved eastward from Jerusalem into north Africa and Asia.

Our later form of Christianity was heavily influenced by Hellenic thought and culture, and it became Christian orthodoxy.  The older, eastern form was instead influenced by Jewish mysticism and seeks to explore the wisdom teachings of Yeshua which lead us to metanoia, an inner transformation that brings one to see the kindom of heaven that is all around us. The fruit of the scholarship of the last 60 years or so have revealed riches of insight from sources like the NagHammadi Codex, the Qumran texts (better known as the Dead Sea Scrolls), and Syriac language and culture.  They reveal a long and beautiful tradition of Jewish-Christian mysticism and contemplative practices based not on doctrine and theology about Jesus, but on other wisdom teachings of Yeshua which lead us to an inner wisdom that reveals the kingdom of heaven that is all around us and within us as well.

Join us as we will meet Yeshua and his wisdom teaching from a new and intriguing perspective that can change how we may encounter the kingdom of heaven come near.   Ample time will be provided for reflection and contemplation. 

This is a Zoom event.  The Zoom link  and handouts will be emailed to you just prior to the event.


James Young is a 2011 graduate of the Tending the Holy program. He is a spiritual director and retreat leader, and until recently was a small group facilitator for the Tending the Holy program. A Benedictine by nature, he cares deeply about hospitality as the foundation of his rule of life for friend and stranger alike, as well as for the whole of Creation. James is a retired Episcopal priest and lives in Northfield.

When:   Saturday January 30, 2020

Cost:   $30

Location:  Online via Zoom