Volunteer at Christos Twin Cities Location

Many hands make light work!  Here at Christos, we are a community that offers wonderful ways to get involved and help out.  If you live in the Twin Cities area and are interested in any of these areas, please contact the office at  [email protected] or call (651)653-8207.

The grounds look great all summer long with the continued work of our grounds keeper and many hands that pitch in.  Christos can use your help with weeding flower beds and other outside jobs as they arrive.  Please consider putting your name on the list to be contacted as needed.

The Christos Prayer Team
Christos is an ecumenical group of people who support each other in many ways.  One way we can reach out is to enter into prayer for staff, our board, and for the spirit to help in guiding us into the future.  If you would like to help in this way, join the prayer team.

Event Hospitality
Many workshops, retreats, or events here at Christos could benefit from a welcoming member of the Christo community.  Do you feel the love of people and a joy to meet new faces?  Consider if this is a place that you could offer some help and a warm smile as people from all over come to partake in the Christos events.

Event Media/Technology
The world has become a fast-paced place.  Technology changes daily and God gives each of us different gifts.  If your gift is understanding technology and you would be willing to help at Christos events, please call us today.  Workshops and retreats need someone willing to help with film, zoom, and communications.

Window/ Building Upkeep
We have been blessed to have a warm building, safe space, and lots of room to offer for our education classes, workshops, and retreats.  Christos’ building is an amazing place that needs help to stay that way.  Areas that need attention are windows, outside building wash, and possible kitchen reorganization.  If your heart is being called to help in this area, call the office and sign up today.


Spiritual Formation Retreats